March is All About Aquamarine!

If you know GemClay even a little bit, you know that we LIVE for Aquamarine! We love mining it. We love crafting jewelry and skincare from it. We just love it, period. But how much do you know about aquamarine, itself?

Since you don’t spend day after day of your life scouring the mountaintops looking for the stuff, like we do here at GemClay, we can safely assume you may not know all too much about it, and we get it! But, we wouldn’t be doing our best service to YOU if we didn’t help familiarize all of you with this beautiful piece of nature! Let’s help you get a little better acquainted with Aqua with a few fun facts about this incredible mineral!

Aquamarine is the Birthstone of March

Any March birthdays out there? Of course there are! Every month has its own birthstone, from Christmas-season December babies being donned with the Turquoise birthstone, to start-of-summer June babies boasting stones Pearl and Alexandrite for their months, and beyond! March is the lucky month of the year that gets to claim this beautiful stone for its own!

The gem symbolizes youth, hope, and health, wonderful well-wishes to be bestowed upon anyone who was born into this time of the year. With March welcoming the start of spring, its sky blue color reflects the parting of cloudy winter conditions into clear blue skies perfectly!

Aquamarine is the State Gemstone of Colorado

Since April 30, 1971, Aquamarine has been officially deemed as the state gemstone of the beautiful state of Colorado! Colorado achieved this honor of boasting Aquamarine as its state gemstone by displaying the highest quality of the mineral above any other state.

What’s more, across all of Colorado’s 14-ers (58 to be precise), the highest qualities of aquamarine respectively are those found atop Mount Antero. So when it comes to shopping for Aquamarine products, from skincare to jewelry, you can rest assured that you can and will find the highest quality product at none other than GemClay, mining directly from the top of the Mount Antero! We are honored to mine the state’s representative stone atop its most providential peak, and share it all with you!

Aquamarine Represents 19-Year Wedding Anniversaries

As if the previous Aquamarine factoids were specific enough for you, get a load of this fun fact! Have a 19-year wedding anniversary to look forward to this year or in the years to come? When that anniversary comes around, you’ll know how to celebrate!

Marriage is a blessed experience, that comes with rewards and the trying times to lead to those rewards! Aquamarine is a soothing stone, that encourages pacification, calms nerves, and ensures tranquility. What better stone to showcase the continuation of blissful matrimony than Aquamarine!


In conclusion, Aquamarine is a SUPER cool gem, we love it and know all about it, and we want to share that love and knowledge with all of you! To see tons of cool products such as skincare formulas and jewelry crafted from the highest quality Mount Antero Aquamarine, find it all at GemClay!

Shout Love From the Mountain Tops!

Are you feeling it?
Oh you’re feeling it, alright!

You’re feeling LOVE coursing through your veins this year, as we come closer and closer to Valentine’s Day!

You want to show that adoration and admiration to that special someone as strongly as you possibly can!

… But… you’re drawing a blank on what to get them as a gift.

How do you sum up the way you feel about someone in the form of a gift, especially when they make you feel so on top of the world?

GemClay has got just the thing for you, with our Shout Love From the Mountain Tops sales event!

Now through Valentine’s Day, find all of the best gifts for her, from a full array of skincare products with our Grand Gift Basket, to authentic Aquamarine jewelry, and more at GemClay!
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Leave her heart feeling full without emptying your wallet this holiday.

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Find GemClay at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs!

Hello all,

Living in and operating out of a small mountain town in the middle of the Colorado Rockies, one thing that we dearly cherish is the close relationships we get to establish with our neighbors and their respective businesses.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Spa and Resort has been a beloved place to residents and visitors of the Arkansas River Valley alike, as well as to us at here GemClay, for some time now.

It is for that reason exactly that we are excited to announce our new collaboration with them!

Now, during your day trip or vacation to the hot springs, not only will you experience the healing wonders of the Mount Princeton runoff, but also find rejuvenating products for your skin and jewelry adornments mined from Mount Antero!

The complete GemClay skincare line and jewelry collection are available to you at the resort’s onsite gift shop, so stop on by for your GemClay needs.

It warms our hearts to have the opportunity to work alongside friends like those at Mount Princeton Resort, and we look forward to continuing to serve you all to the best of our abilities, whether you’re down in town or up cliffside!

This is What It’s All About!

Okay, sure.
Part of why we do what we do because we love challenging ourselves, pushing the realm of skincare, and scouring the mountaintops to find those the materials and ingredients to make it happen.

But, do you know what it’s really all about for us?

At GemClay, the mission, the sole purpose driving what we do:
Our love for people!
Our desire to serve and help others to improve their lives in any way we can, using our products and services as a medium to bring about that improvement!

Needless to say, we always love hearing YOUR stories of how GemClay has brought about positive change in your life, like this recent testimonial of ours:

Thank you to all patrons of GemClay, for your loyalty and for all of your positive feedback!

To experience this level of skincare satisfaction for yourself, visit GemClay today.

GemClay Delivers the Goods!

In my last blog we talked about the origins and first step process on how Gemclay is developed. We are going to dive into the next phase as we move into the fun part of what I do: formulation & product knowledge!


Once we gather our GemClay and it’s crushed into pharmaceutical-grade consistency, it’s lab time! This is my favorite part of the business and where the passion lives!! The goal in my thought process is to mimic Mother Nature and offer the most natural formulations that the body can absorb for maximum benefits.

Our bodies naturally process elements like nutrients in food, topical applications, and natural absorption of vitamins through our skin—our largest organ. God has created such a wonderful mechanism to process these elements! Our DNA code has been carefully programmed to quench the thirst of our dynamic system so we can feed, hydrate, rejuvenate, and replenish our body.


One of the elements we use is hyaluronic acid, which your body produces naturally. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water and helps to reduce inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is a clear, moist substance that is primarily found in the skin layer, around the eyes, and connective tissues. Its natural function is to retain moisture for a healthy glow and balance of hydration.

Your skin is a delicate balance and this is exactly why the natural mineral foundation of all our products is so important. Our bodies recognize these natural elements and respond amazingly when you introduce them to a remarkable delivery system such as GemClay products.

How is GemClay Made?

Gemclay Blog

Hey, GemClay Friends!

Tracie Cardwell here! I’m the owner and developer of GemClay and your Rocky Mountain GemClay mineral esthetician!

Welcome to my Blog where I will bring you up to speed on what our products are all about, our new line expansion, and how beneficial our mineral based cosmetics are to one’s regime. They can change your appearance at the cellular level to nourish that youthful appearance we all seek!

I would like to start by giving a brief background of how my line got started and the spectacular journey it has been getting this amazing product developed.

My husband and I own the famous Bluestar Claims on Mt. Antero in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, where we hunt aquamarine gems at 13,800 feet above sea level. You may have seen us on the television show “The Prospectors” that aired on The Weather Channel. It is here, well above the tree line and into the alpine tundra of the glacier snow packed mountains, where we harvest our bounty in many forms.

The first step of our operation is of course finding the highly sought-after Aquamarine gems and minerals that are unique to Mt. Antero. We chase the surface indicators and uncover the smectite clay bands to expose the geological formations known as pegmatite veins that bear the gem harvest we seek. The wonderful thing about what we do is that the gem pockets and my raw minerals lay bare in the same pockets, so after carefully harvesting the gems we are exposing a rich natural base of 33 minerals that is the foundation of all my products.

Once we remove the clays and stockpile the minerals, we start the process of making the minerals cosmetic ready! We have a processing facility in Buena Vista, Colorado where we go through a series of steps to making the mineral base ready to send off for formulation. The minerals are crushed into a pharmaceutical-grade powder where it can be easily absorbed down to the cellar level where the skin can be nourished and fed the amazing natural occurring minerals.

Our vision is to keep our product as pristine as possible, from start to finish. We use NO CHEMICALS to break down our minerals, we do NOT do animal testing at any level, and our ingredients are always on the cutting edge of botanical science so your body can respond just as nature intended to all our formulas.

Stay tuned to our next blog where we uncover the next step in our development process!